About Us


Tough Start Incorporated is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation, formed in the state of Indiana in August of 2004. The organizational concept was originally conceived in 1993 when its founder witnessed growing disparities in education, and job training in high growth occupations, specifically among minorities and urban youth. Since 1993 and 2004 respectively, disparities have grown, and needs have become greater.

Mission Statement

We will provide the opportunity for economic empowerment through education, job training, homeownership counseling, and business development.

Our Values (Support)


We accept our individual and team responsibilities, and will continue to be dedicated to those in need of our services.


We are creative in delivering assistance to our clients and community. It is our goal to provide distinctive and exceptional services.


Economic empowerment is a necessary element for a prosperous life. We will support and encourage our clients to set and then achieve their goals.


We will continuously review our strategy and make changes when necessary.


Our clients will have the chance to change their lives, and never look back.


As a philanthropic organization, it is our responsibility to continuously study the needs of specific populations.


Our clients will obtain valuable skill sets that will lead to gainful employment, sustained homeownership, or improved business operations.

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